We’ve all been learning for the last 30 years about how climate change (aka global warming) was going to kill us all 10-15 years ago. When those projections failed, the scientists pushed them out to the end of the 21st century. I mean, who really cares if they are accurate? We’ll all be dead by then anyway right?

Climate change has become the new post modern religion. It attempts to drive an eschatological philosophy with continuous predictions of doom and gloom. It’s similar to St John’s Revelation in the New Testament with the exception that St John wasn’t arrogant enough to give actual dates of the end time. 

And so, as a conservative with a normally functioning cerebellum, Mike Mulvaney’s declaration that “climate change is a waste of your money” is sweet music to the ear. Climate change has not only become a religion that persecuted non-believers, it has also become a multi billion dollar industry. And like any multi billion dollar industry it will lobby for its own interests to continue the cash flow from government.

Better to spend the money on the military or on infrastructure projects. At least the tax payer will see a tangible return on investment in those circumstances. Better yet, return it to the wallet of the people to use directly on whatever they wish. Perhaps a few aspiring private scientists will use their share to investigate climate change. At that point it would be there prerogative to do so.