You know the fix is in when members of Congress are giving conclusions BEFORE the ensuing investigations have even been commenced. Maxine Waters, a veteran Congresswoman, was on MSNBC discussing the upcoming investigations into Russian collusion in the 2016 elections. She expressed just how biased she is by saying that there is so much evidence that will be discovered that even “right wing” defenders of President Trump will have to abandon support of him. This really is outrageous.

Imagine if you would a member of the jury telling the media BEFORE a case was decided how they would rule. This is what Maxine Waters is essentially doing.

Now, Waters IS NOT a member of the committees that will be looking into this matter. That does not mean she doesn’t have any influence over the results. All of the members of the committee are her colleagues. Many of them are part of her party. Many of them are junior to her in status and influence. She is sending them a signal on how to behave and how to conclude. This should not be tolerated. Ms. Waters should be reprimanded for such behavior.

Whatever happened to the American notion of “presumption of innocence?” Is that legal right waived in political matters? It certainly is not and Maxine Waters needs to show some professionalism and respect for the process.

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