Alan Dershowitz is a liberal. No one can deny this. However, he is one of the very few “honest” liberals. He has a few words for the judges that made these awful rulings to blocks President Trump’s Immigration Order. While he disagrees with Trump’s policy, he believes it’s fully legal.

Dershowitz reasons as follows:

“The idea of focusing so heavily on campaign rhetoric and essentially saying, look, if Obama had issued the very same order with the same words it would be constitutional, but if Trump issues it, it’s unconstitutional because he said some things about Muslims in the run-up to the campaign,”
He later added, “I actually said that this wasn’t constitutional analysis. It was psychoanalysis. There is precedent in extreme cases where legislators in enacting a statute say things that you can sometimes look to the legislative intent. But I have never heard of a case where the rhetoric of a candidate, ambiguous rhetoric to be sure — because I do not believe this is a Muslim ban —focusing on a country like Iran, the greatest exporter of terrorism, not only no vetting, it sends terrorists out in order to kill Americans.

I appreciate a liberal that can give an honest and reasoned opinion, even if he disagrees with me. That’s the way it ought to be. Kudos to Dershowitz for having the guts to stand up for truth.

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