“There is nothing unclear about the scope of the Court’s order,” US District Judge Derrick Watson wrote denying the Justice Department’s request.

That is the way Judge Derrick Chan responded to the Trump Justice Department when asked to “clarify” his ruling on the travel ban according to Buzzfeed news.

According to a Justice Department filing, the DOJ lawyers argue that, “many of the provisions of those sections were not addressed in the briefs that Plaintiffs filed in support of their motion.” Because of that, the federal lawyers argued, “It is therefore unclear whether the Court intended for its Temporary Restraining Order to extend to all of those provisions.”

It’s clear that this judge is politically motivated. Not only does the President have full authority over immigration and foreign policy decisions, this judge also ruled, in part, over statements made by Candidate Trump before the executive order existed. That’s tantamount to taking someone’s word over a written contract and is not the way our judges should rule.

President Trump has vowed to take the matter to the Supreme Court. SCOTUS Nominee Neil Gorsuch will be pivitol in terms of how this case is ultimately ruled on. If he’s seated, Trump most likely wins, if not, there will be a tie and the lower courts will have to make the ultimate ruling.