We’ve documented how the democrats are playing politics and even going so far as to prejudge President Trump before the Intel Committee hearings conclude. Here’s more evidence to how biased and partisan these politicians are against our leader.

First you have Maxine Waters tweeting that Trump will be impeached.

Next, you have Democrat Congresswoman who sits on the committee investigating the Russia election allegations saying that it’s “worse than watergate.” How would she know that “pre-investigation?”

Via BBC Newsnight

Then you have the Ranking member of the House Intel committee telling Chuck Todd last week that there is direct evidence. I watched that complete hearing and not 1 piece of direct evidence was presented to the American people or the committee.

Via Dose of Dissonance:

This is politics folks. The Democrats have NOTHING on Trump despite an investigation into his campaign since July. Furthermore, because they have nothing they are using the intelligence services to draw unsubstantiated conclusions to “drag” the Trump presidency and administration. It’s a real shame that Democrats are putting their party’s interest before the nation’s.