The Democrats were an embarrassment yesterday.

Instead of wanting to find out who has been leaking classified information to the press OR why an American citizen was unmasked to the public (both felonies under law), democrats would rather obfuscate about wild Russian Oligarch fantasies. And they wonder why they are losing voters in droves!

For instance, Representative Jackie Spier of California (D) spent her time comparing Vladimir Putin to a tarantula spinning a web. She also tried to imply that Russia committed an act of war against the United States, to which the Intelligence leaders being interviewed sternly pushed back against.

via Infosky:

Exhibit B

Representative Carson of Indiana (D) then decided to go through ancient history. He wanted to talk about Russia invading Crimea. An action that President Obama allowed along with the invasion of Georgia. Why wasn’t Obama’s actions investigated?

via Wilson Allen:

Carson, as many of the Democrats, appeared to be reading off of scripts. They essentially don’t really care about the crimes that were committed against our nation by our intelligence services and would rather read rehearsed, script political jargon in an attempt to fire up their base and give the media some red meat.

Nobody over the past decade has said “boo!” about Russia. In fact, President Obama mocked Mitt Romney in 2012 for referring to them as our #1 geopolitical enemy. The media ran with it and it essentially lost Romney the race. Now, suddenly, Romney was correct. Russia is the big bad bogeyman. But not because it is true, it’s because the democrats need Russia to be in order to score points.