House Intelligence Committe Ranking member Schiff, a Democrat, is upset with Chairman Devin Nunes for sharing the information he received today showing that President Trump and his transition team were surveilled with the White House. Schiff accused Nunes of being a “surrogate” for the administration and called his integrity into question.

Schiff: The chairman will need to decide between investigation or Trump surrogate, “because he cannot do both.”

He then called for a special independent commission to review and take over the investigation saying that this investigation may now be compromised by Nunes’s actions

Chairman Nunes responded to the claims on CNN with Jake Tapper and said that what he saw was so alarming that he felt it was necessary to share with the White House and media. His reason is to be completely transparent and also to inform the White House about an issue they should be aware of.

The democrats and the media continue to play political games. For instance, President Trump has already he used “Wire Tap” in a broad sense and not to mean an actual wire Tap of a phone. Yet the media still is holding him to the strict definition.

President Trump is vindicating himself day by day and the left is furious. Stay tuned for more.