Following the media each day, certain stories just blow your mind. Last week, it was reported that a laptop containing sensitive information including Trump Tower floor plans and information related to the Hillary Clinton probe was stolen.

Via Daily News:

Authorities have been frantically searching for the laptop since it was stolen Thursday morning.

Some items stolen along with the laptop — including coins and a black bag with the Secret Service insignia on it — were later recovered.

But the laptop, along with other documents described as “sensitive,” were still being sought.

The thief stepped out of a car, possibly an Uber, on a street in Bath Beach and stole the laptop from the agent’s vehicle, which was parked in the driveway of her home.

He was then seen on video walking away from the scene with a backpack.

Notice the initial report states that the laptop was stolen from a “vehicle” parked in the driveway of the agent’s home. It sort of gives you the impression that the laptop was inside of a car. Perhaps the door was unlocked or the window opened allowing the thief to gain access…  Nope!

The New York Post is now reporting that the “vehicle” was a Bajaj motorcycle! Is this real life?

A Secret Service laptop containing sensitive information about Trump Tower, details about the Hillary Clinton e-mail probe and other national security secrets was swiped from an agent’s motorcycle in Brooklyn, police sources said Friday.

The computer was taken Thursday morning from the driveway of agent Marie Argentieri’s Bath Beach home, the sources said.

The thief drove up to Argentieri’s home around 8:40 a.m., walked right up to her Bajaj motorcycle and took the items. He was then caught on video fleeing the scene on foot, sources said.

Anyone with half of a brain would have to ask the question…  Why the hell would a Secret Service agent willfully leave a laptop containing sensitive information about an FBI probe AND the floor plan to the building the President owns on a MOTORCYCLE?!

Mind blowing.