A gruesome rape involving at least 1 illegal immigrant and a 14 year old girl is dominating the news cycle. It’s a situation that should have never occurred if our politicians put America before foreigners. 

According to NBC4:

Henry E. Sanchez, 18, and Jose O. Montano, 17, are charged with raping the girl in a bathroom stall during school hours at Rockville High School in the D.C. suburbs Thursday, Montgomery County police said.
They approached her in a hallway and asked her to walk with them, police said. Montano asked her for sex, and after she refused, he and Sanchez forced her into a boys’ bathroom, where they both raped her and sodomized her, police said.
“Let’s remember the human side of this, that this is a tragic event that no child, no person, no parent should ever have to deal with,” Spicer said. “School should be a place where a parent puts their child on a bus or drops them off or sees them off and knows that they’re safe.”
According to court documents, Sanchez, who admitted to having sex with the victim, has had an immigration case pending since August.
According to court records, Montano, who was charged as an adult, was born in El Salvador, where he lived for 16 years, the Associated Press reported. ICE officials would not discuss Montano’s immigration status because he is a juvenile.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer was asked to comment and his response was as follows:

What a society that we live in where this event even has the possibility to occur. Every single crime committed by an illegal could have been prevented by simply following the established laws. But our politicians don’t care about law and order. They care about donations and votes. Since their donors and parties want illegals for various reasons, this 14 year old girl and thousands of others had to pay the price. It’s simply a shame.