Maxine Waters, along with many of her democrat allies, are furious with Representative Devin Nunes for sharing information with both the White House and the public regarding the House Intelligence Committee Investigation. Mr. Nunes was made privy to classified reports that demonstrated that Trump officials were being monitored, unmasked, and then subsequently the information was leaked to the media. Those actions are felonies and potentially carry national security implications and so Nunes thought he needed to alert both the White House and the public to their existence. Most sane people agree.

Not the Democrats!

Ms. Waters states she has a problem with Nunes sharing classified information with the President (0.16 mark). Someone needs to alert Ms. Waters that the President of the United States can view all classified information and can even declassify whatever he deems necessary.

Waters also calls Nunes a “presidential puppet.” This is going to be the democrat talking point going forward. The Democrats want to gain control over the investigation so that they continue with their red herrings and bury the actual crimes being committed by President Obama’s “shadow government.”

Get over it Maxine. You have prejudged this investigation from the start and if anyone should recuse themselves from it it should be you.