Devin Nunes, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee made a “judgment call” as he put it to reporters for informing the press and the White House about new information that he was made privy to regarding White House officials being placed into and “unmasked” in intelligence reports. If true, and we have no reason to doubt Nunes, then this would prove that the Obama administration was using legally collected “incidental” intelligence that was gathered on Trump administration officials in an attempt to spy on them. THIS IS A CRIME.

But Joe Scarborough would rather that you don’t focus your energy on a crime committed by former President Obama or his staff. He would rather you be outraged that Devin Nunes did what he thought was right. Joe would rather side with the Nancy Pelosis and John McCains of the world and destroy Devin Nunes’s character. That’s what you do when you’re a RINO. You help the opposition build a narrative.

Joe claims that Devin Nunes “changed his story” multiple times. Joe makes 2 claims that are patently false.

  1. “[Nunes] admitted that he hadn’t seen the documents” (the intelligence reports)
  2. “[Nunes] is not even sure if the President’s were the ones that were caught up in the surveillance.”

Watch via Interesting Today (2 comments at 2:00 minute mark):

Below is the video of the actual press conference.


 Nunes clearly states at the 1:05 mark:

I recently confirmed that on numerous occassions the intelligence community incedentally collected information about U.S. citizens involved in the Trump transition.

He goes on to detail how the information had little “intelligence value” and was “widely disseminated” to the intelligence community. First, he obviously read the materials according to that statement so that puts to rest #1. Secondly, I’ve checked later interviews. I can’t find anywhere that Nunes backtracks on the statement above.

In fact, Nunes was on Hannity last night and repeated the claim:

Joe Scarborough is a liar. He should resign for making such a bold faced lie about Chairman Nunes.