Chuck Schumer and the Democrats are complete liars. Schumer stated in an interview with Wolf Blitzer that the Democrats weren’t celebrating this as a victory and that he’s sad Republicans won’t work with Democrats on Obamacare. Is this man out of his mind?!

Via CNN:

Not only did his party stage a press conference the moment the bill died, they also chanted “vote vote vote” on the floor of the House.

Via LoneWolf & the 3 Muskadoggies:

With the Democrats it’s all about talking points. It’s not about integrity or honesty. 

Schumer senses that gloating over this win can present a risk and to his credit he is smart enough to signal to his colleagues to knock it off. 

President Trump was open for negotiation on the bill, but don’t hold your breath on any of the Democrats taking action to work with him.