In a panel on CNN with Dana Bash, the democrats couldn’t convince even themselves that there was collussion between the Trump campaign and Russia. So what do they do? Just run a clip of RINO John McCain calling the integrity of Devin Nunes into question and calling for a select committee and all other republicans will have to back down right?

Watch via CNN:

Wrong! As former Senator senator and Presidential Canidate Rick Santorum points out, firstly, John McCain is like a broken record in his attempt to help democrats gain leverage in this argument and secondly, while Devin Nenes may have broken protocol, his Ranking Member Adam Schiff is the most partisan member of the committe. He almost sounds like Joe McCarthy himself with all of the Russian conspiracy theories.

The conclusion? John McCain is not a Republican. He is an enemy to President Trump and the American people. He should be ashamed of himself the way he uses every opportunity to attack President Trump.