The Democrats believe they’ve won the war on Obamacare. The death of Paul Ryan’s AHCA on the House floor is only the beginning.

President Trump now has an Obamacare plan, that he has no responsibility over, that is a ticking time bomb. Remember, he didn’t draft, whip votes for, sponsor, or amend the ACA. That was the Democrats. 

When Obamacare consumes the entire healthcare market and begins to rise dramatically in cost, the American people won’t look to Trump to vent their anger. They will look to the creators of the plan AND THOSE THAT REFUSED TO FIX IT.

This is a huge opportunity for President Trump. It gives him leverage the next turn around.

Representative Mark Meadows thinks so as well. In an interview with George Stefanopoulos he speaks about it “not being the end” for health care debate.