The Senate has the duty of advising and consenting regarding Supreme Court Nominees. Their duty basically consists of making sure that the nominee isn’t biased or doesn’t have some conflict of interest that would preclude him from the appointment. An example would be a SCOTUS nominee who is currently serving on the board of Planned Parenthood or similar group. You could see why that would obviously hurt that candidates chances of being impartial to cases involving abortion or similar issues. 

But Neil Gorsuch was found to have no such ties or conflicts. His record is spotless. He’s shown himself to be a fair arbiter of the law. So why is Al Franken stating he won’t vote for him? Simply because he believes he would always vote for corporations. 

This is way out of line. Al Franken needs to understand that it’s not his duty to pick or choose a liberal judge or a conservative judge, but the best judge. One that will apply the law. And there is no evidence that Gorsuch will not do such.