Paul Ryan literally begged for members of Congress to vote for the AHCA, his pet project for 7 years. According to the Washington Post, Ryan got down on one knee and begged Rep. Joe Barton and others to vote for the bill.

Ryan got down on a knee to plead with Rep. Don Young, an 83-year-old from Alaska who is the longest-serving Republican in Congress and remains undecided.

When the speaker finished with Young, he spent about 10 minutes in an animated discussion with Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.), one of the bill’s most outspoken critics. At one point, the speaker took his own arms and held them up, his hands at face level, then slowly lowered them to his waist — presumably trying to demonstrate his belief that the bill will lower costs.

The ongoing effort to whip the vote, Rep. Joe Barton (R-Tex.) said at one point, involved “back-patting and butt-kicking.”

“Democracy’s messy,” he added.

Donald Trump cannot be associated with a loser, particularly a loser that has to grovel this way and still fails. It’s time to part ways with Paul Ryan. President Trump needs to ask for his resignation, today.