Climate change is only real in the sense that climates always change. What a novel idea! It’s the ultimate redistributive scheme. Tell the American people that the Earth is changing due to human activity. Create programs to study the impact and pay those using the funds with tax dollars. The cycle will never end because the Earth will never stop changing.

That is, until now.

According to Law360:

President Donald Trump signed a sweeping executive order on Tuesday that directed the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to roll back the Clean Power Plan, lifted the Obama administration’s moratorium on coal leasing on federal lands and told the Department of the Interior to rescind its rule regulating hydraulic fracturing on public and tribal lands.

The “Energy Independence” executive order, which aligns with Trump’s campaign promises to bring back the declining coal industry and undo former President Barack Obama’s environmental record, also targeted regulations capping greenhouse gas emissions for new and reconstructed power plants as well as methane rules for new oil and gas infrastructure.

“We have a very, very impressive group here to celebrate the start of a new era in American energy and production and job creation,” Trump said. “The action I’m taking today will eliminate federal overreach, restore economic freedom and allow our companies and our workers to thrive, compete and succeed on a level economic playing field for the first time in a long time.”

Finally, the United States will put the economic interest of Americans ahead of the environmental interests (if there really are any that exist) of foreigners.