There is at least 1 semi-honest Democrat in Congress. His name is Joe Manchin. The only reason why he has to toe this line is because his state voted overwhelmingly for Trump due to his “pro-energy” policies. Joe Manchin broke the democrat narrative about this executive order stripping away silly and burdensome regulations in the coal mining and energy industries.

Manchin has a lot of coal miners that he has to go explain himself to. This is why he is pro-Trump regarding many of his policies. It’s nice to see a politician that is beholden to the people that elected him.

Trump’s energy policies are going to put “turbo boosters” on this economy. Particularly in the area of energy production where producers are saddled with nonsensical EPA regulations that prevent them from not only refining and producing but even exploration. It’s time to allow the American people to become energy independent and it’s nice to see a Democrat jump on board.