FBI and NSA Director Comey and Rodgers were supposed to report back to Congress in a “closed hearing.” This is a hearing closed to the public where the Directors can discuss classified information and the subjects of investigation more thoroughly wothbthe committee. Well, the Democrats are blocking that.

Washington Examiner reports:

Republicans charged Tuesday that Democrats are blocking the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russia from moving forward by refusing to sign a letter that would officially invite FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Adm. Mike Rogers back before the committee for closed-door testimony.
Republicans have made clear they want that testimony before hearing from others, and say it will allow the committee to be as informed as possible when interviewing future witnesses.

Peter King, a member of the committee states the purpose of the closed hearing:

“The purpose of the closed session is to start getting answers to many of the questions that Director Comey could not answer at the public hearing because of the ongoing investigation. To me, if Democrats want answers to their questions, this is one way to get them. So I’m surprised they’re not agreeing to this right away,” King added.

A Democrat Aide responded as follows to the charge.

“Republicans wanted to do the closed hearing in lieu of the open hearing — they were hoping to schedule it at the exact same time as the open hearing, even though all the witnesses [Brennan, Clapper and Yates] were prepared to testify,” the aide said. “We would welcome hearing from Directors Comey and Rogers again — just not instead of the open hearing.”

The Democrats are protecting the Obama Administration. They are terrified of the classified reports that Devin Nunes was able to look at. That’s why they are filibustering the committee and calling for his removal.

It’s just a matter of time before this story breaks wide open.