CNN thought it would be a good idea to grab a group of Trump supporters, put them on National Television, and have some fun at their expense. It’s the CNN way.

They asked 6 Trump supporters to grade the President and then asked them why they gave him that grade. 5/6 of the supporters graded President Trump with an A and one gave him a B. Immediately you see the interviewer ready with a list of items that CNN feels President Trump failed on in the first 65 days. The Trump supporters remain strong and make a great case for the President and how he is being attacked not only by Democrats and the media but by Republicans as well.

Watch via CNN:

Here’s what CNN doesn’t realize. First, it’s only 65 days into President Trump’s term. His supporters are going to give him more time. He hasn’t had enough of an opportunity to even fully answer this question for them. Second, President Trump has delivered on ever single campaign promise thus far. The only reason why some haven’t materialized is due to the sensless opposition like the left-wing Federal judges stopping his immigration executive order or the Freedom Caucus and Democrats killing Paul Ryan’s Healthcare bill.

Come back and talk to Trump supporters in 2018. We will know by then if President Trump was successful or not. It’s much too early to tell at this point, but he’s trending the right way.