Democrats are losing their minds over the Trump-Russia fake scandal. They are calling for the Chairman of The House Intelligence Committee to resign in mass (almost as though they had a meeting about it and orchestrated it).

This is the way Democrats work in tandem with the media. They develop a talking point, a narrative, or a strategy and then they depend on the media to echo it over and over.

Other Democrats are getting extremely technical. Watch Representative Pramila Jayapal go through a diagram that shows all of the alleged connections that President Trump has to Russia.

Looks intimidating at first. And then, after she explains it, you realize it’s all nonsense. For instance, she mentions Russian billionaires renting or buying real estate from President Trump. And?…  What’s the problem with that? I’m sure we could find billionaires from every country that have purchased Trump real estate. She then talks about how Trump took a loan from Deutsche Bank and how Deutsche was later implicated in a money laundering scheme. And?…  Is the Congresswoman saying that Trump is involved with that scandal?

Once you go through the evidence it all just breaks apart. There is nothing concrete.

And when all else fails for the Democrats, they just complain:

The point of the story is the Democrats are taking the American people on a wild goose chase. Instead of investigating the real scandals of our day (Hillary Clinton pay for play and Obama administration spying on President Trump) they’d rather focus their time and effort into dragging down President Trump’s legitimacy.

In the long run, this will be a positive for Republicans. There is only so long they can keep up this fake scandal without even their own supporters questioning the veracity of their claims. In over a year of their accusations, they have produced ZERO direct evidence implicating President Trump in any of their alleged accusations.

Let them keep it up. It’s only helping to expose how vacuous their platform is.