Adam Housley had news to break this week. He said his sources inside the government have denied reports from the New York Times claiming the 2 individuals that gave classified reports to Chairman Devin Nunes on White House grounds is false. He also left us with a bombshell.

Housley went on Fox News to clarify those reports.

  • The 2 individuals identified by the NY Times as giving classified reports to Devin Nunes regarding President Trump is false.
  • Surveillance that led to unmasking started way before Trump was the Republican Nominee
  • The person who did the unmasking is a high Obama official and not part of the FBI
  • Incidental pick up and unmasking has nothing to do with Russia investigation
  • Private American citizens were unmasked during this process
  • Nunes knew about this situation but when requested information from agencies he was “stonewalled”
  • This was done for purely political purposes

Watch the full interview via Anthony Audrey:


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