America was shocked to hear that the FBI was investigating the Trump campaign since July of 2016. Particularly because Obama and his administration didn’t speak about the issue until very late in the election. 

Now the democrats are offering new information that Trump has been under investigation for suspect Russian ties since SPRING of 2015! That’s amazingly odd considering that Trump announced his candidacy in June of 2015.

Mary Anne Marsh, a democratic strategist and Principal of the Dewey Square Group, said the following:

Mary Ann Marsh: Fact, the investigation of Trump, his associates and their relationship with Russia started in the spring of 2015. That is a fact. That is widely known.

The democrats are throwing everything against the wall and hoping that it sticks. This Russian collusion conspiracy gets more confusing and convoluted everyday. There is NO evidence. 

Of Marsh’s statements are true then it actually calls into question the testimony of James Comey to the House Intel Committee. Was he lying? Did he have no knowledge of a prior investigation? Why?