We’ve told you ad nauseous that the Trump – Russia conspiracy theory is dying. The Democrats contend they’ve been investigating Trump since spring of 2015. The FBI is a bit more conservative saying they’ve been investigating since July of 2016. Either way it shows that after months of turning over every stone and literally spying on Trump, as Chairman Nunes revealed last week, there is NO DIRT on Trump.

Robert Kimball, an American social commentator and the editor and publisher of The New Criterion and the publisher of Encounter Books, thinks the same. Additionally he brings up an amazing point that no one is talking about. Kimball contends that President Trump’s energy policy completely contradicts his being in league with Moscow. 

Energy production is Russia’s number one source of income. President Trump’s energy policy actually threatens Russia’s monopoly on the natural gas market with Western Europe. A puppet of Putin would actually do everything they could to destroy the American energy market.

It makes total sense and of course the media ignores it.

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