There has been a lot of information coming out about Obamagate in the last few days. The latest was from Adam Housley, a Fox News Senior Correspondent that has reported on many big stories accurately in the past, who claims that his sources are telling him that:

  • The 2 individuals identified by the NY Times as giving classified reports to Devin Nunes regarding President Trump is false.
  • Surveillance that led to unmasking started way before Trump was the Republican Nominee
  • The person who did the unmasking is a high Obama official and not part of the FBI
  • Incidental pick up and unmasking has nothing to do with Russia investigation
  • Private American citizens were unmasked during this process
  • Nunes knew about this situation but when requested information from agencies he was “stonewalled”
  • This was done for purely political purposes

You would think with this being the biggest story in politics right now that Chuck Todd and NBC would include it in their intro, right? Perhaps refer to it? Use some of the information to contradict what has been reported already to show a balance? WRONG!

Todd leaves all of the bullet points above out of his report. Why? Because the media is stalling on Housley’s report until they are forced to report on it. They want to build a narrative to the public in an attempt to make it appear that the evidence is overwhelming that Trump is covering something up and that Devin Nunes is his right-hand man.

This is the definition of fake news.

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