The media has a strategy when reporting on President Trump. Echo the negative reports while omitting or challenging anything positive that comes to light. Hold Trump to a literal meaning of his words while holding Democrats to vague broad interpretations of their statements. This is how they protect liberal ideals in politics while attacking conservatism.

On Today’s Face the Nation, the political panel comprised of host John Dickerson, Talk Show Host Michael Graham, Journalist and Novelist David Ignatius, and two other panelists, took the opportunity to discuss what has become known in conservative circles as “Obamagate.” Each panelist made it seem as though picking up incidental communications, unmasking American persons, and then leaking it to the media was normal, everyday business in the Intel community. It’s not. Both are felonies unless you have a really good reason to do so.

Additionally, they each stuck to the “strict” definition of “wiretap.” President Trump in his original tweet on the subject used the word “wiretap” to describe being surveilled. Trump and his team have since explained that the President didn’t use the word in the strict sense of an actual “wiretap”, nor did he mean that Barack Obama himself did the actual tapping. Trump was speaking “euphemistically” and in a broad sense to mean “electronic surveillance.” This is a red herring that the media is using to make it seem like President Trump is “technically wrong” when in reality he has been vindicated by the information that Chairman Nunes has reviewed that showed Trump team members being surveilled and unmasked.

To his credit, David Ignatius did say that the Trump claim of wiretapping and the new information that Devin Nunes says he reviewed “opened up a new conversation” regarding how unmasking and incidental intelligence should be handled. Yet he still ignores the obvious point; that it is a felony to engage in these behaviors and that it should be the main storyline for the media.

This is why no one trusts the media.

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