Representative Adam Schiff, ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee is rattled. Whatever he saw at the White House has him really scared. You can tell by his obfuscation.

Jake Tapper asks him directly if Devin Nunes was justified in having “issues with the surveillance going on [by the Obama Administration on the Trump Transition team]?”

Schiff only needs only say yes or no. He can’t even do that. Instead he says he can’t discuss the material because of its classified nature. But Tapper didn’t ask him that.

Then he makes a weird statement claiming a White House aid told him “these are exactly the same materials shown to the Chairman.” Schiff has a problem with this because he says the only way the aid would know that is if the White House was the party that handed over the docs to Nunes. Firstly, if the information is damaging and shows crimes were committed, then who cares who presented the documents? The substance should speak for itself. Secondly, there are other ways the White House aid may have known that to be true. 

Then Schiff goes off into misdirecting. Claiming that this is all a ploy by Trump to have the public distracted from the Russia investigation. This is nonsense. 

Adam Schiff is a shill of the democrat party and he has no intention of being impartial or objective.

Watch via CNN: