Adam Housley, who updated us last week about Obamagate has some new information to share. He said the following on Fox News this AM:

Adam Housley: We know that there was this. There was electronic surveillance on Trump and the people close to Donald Trump, including some supporters, for up to a year before inauguration. That information was disseminated we’re told through NSA channels. It’s unprecedented, I’m told, the way this was done. The mention of US citizens is supposed to be masked, whether, that means taken out of a report. So, for example, I call somebody in Bulgaria and that’s picked up some how by our agencies and there’s nothing there causing national security, there’s nothing there causing a crime, that report would come out and say American #1 or my name would not be there. What I’m told now is that when these reports came out names were there and that is unprecedented. Basically, they say that the information that was unmasking, this unmasked information, these names of Americans who had done nothing wrong was disseminated to all of the NSC, some at DOD, Clapper, Brennan, basically the people at the top. They also say I’m told that Rice knew about this possibly as well. Now, I know there are reports out there that she is the one that ordered this. We do not know who reported this because we have not spoken to Devin Nunes about this. He has not at least told us about these things. So we don’t know what papers he saw. Our sources don’t know what papers he saw. They just told me the information of unmasking names from Donald Trump and his team and his family was disseminated to a very select few at the top and was done so for a significant amount of time. And that is blockbuster guys. That is, as far as we know, hasn’t been done in modern times.

The Trump team had been surveilled and unmasked for over a year before the inauguration (most likely even earlier). The media is completely ignoring that Susan Rice was the Obama official that requested the unmasking of Trump officials (a felony). This is the biggest political scandal in U.S. history and the media is more concerned with protecting Obama’s legacy than getting to the truth.