Adam Schiff, ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee stopped by CNN today to talk to Wolf Blizter about the ongoing House investigation. He tried his best to maximize the Russian collusion portion of the investigation, hinting at “new evidence” that has come in today. Schiff was most likely referring to a Washington Post article that details an alleged “back channel” created by Erik Prince, CEO of Blackwater and the UAE. The article, as usual in this fake scandal, offers no real evidence other than rhetoric and conclusions.

Schiff attempted to minimize the allegations of Obama admin unmasking, leaking, and essentially spying on the Trump campaign and get redirecting back to Russia allegations. Typical of his purely partisan method.

He then made an astonishing claim. He referred to American citizens interested in the Susan Rice story as “the Breitbart crowd” as a way to discredit and delegitimize their concern. Watch: