John McCain made an appearance on CNN this Tuesday morning to do what John McCain does best; throw a wrench into the Republican’s plans. He’s a “maverick” after all… remember?

McCain thinks confirming SCOTUS nominee via the “nuclear option” would be a “dark day for the U.S. Senate.”

McCain argues that this would set a precedent for confirming justices (even though justices in the past have been selected this way) and that future justices would be even more radical and polarizing. There’s no evidence for this of course and it can be easily rebutted if the host actually did her job and didn’t have an agenda.

In any event, John McCain chooses over and over again to abandon his party and run to the media with Democrat talking points. If you closed your eyes you wouldn’t have known if it was Chuck Schumer or any of the other Democrat Senators.

Absolutely shameful.