The Gateway Pundit is reporting that Fox News’s Sean Hannity and Blackwater CEO Erik Prince were also spied on by the Obama Administration. They posted a video by Mike Cernovich, the journalist that broke the Susan Rice unmasking story, where he details the story.

Via The Gateway Pundit:

Independent Journalist, Mike Cernovich had a phone conference live on air with GotNews founder, Chuck Johnson when he broke the news that Sean Hannity and Blackwater founder, Erik Prince were being spied on by the Obama administration.

Per Chuck Johnson—– Sean Hannity and Erik Prince, Blackwater founder, were spied on by the Obama administration.

This on the heels of the news that Blackwater founder, Erik Prince had a secret meeting in the Seychelles to establish a so-called ‘Trump-Putin back channel’, according to leftist media.

The Obama Administration was and is still out of control. The media needs to stop defending their actions and being to investigate.

Watch the Mike Cernovich video (35:15 mark he reveals the news) via Mike Cernovich: