Sara Carter and Eli Lake went on Hannity Monday night to discuss the new report of Susan Rice unmasking Trump Officials.

Sara: this is a civil liberties issue. it deals with the fourth amendment.

Sean: unreasonable search and seizure. 

Sara: There something else, a number of sources I’ve spoken to about this, none of us have access to those transcripts, those are highly classified. what we do know is what they told us. they have nothing to do with Russia apparently and apparently there was no foreign intelligence value according to people who have had access to this. then they have to ask that question and they have to answer those questions. why were they looking at these transcripts?

Sean: you know what you are describing?qu maybe if they technically shifted the law without anybody paying attention, they seem to d be using under the guise of national security and legitimate surveillance, an opportunity to do something worse than Watergate which is to spy on a presidential candidate — opposition party — and an incoming president. and his transition team. that’s what it looks like to me. does that look tha Sara? 

Sara: yeah, I think they need to ask those questions. the house intelligence committee and the senate intelligence committee and certainly in the t leaking of michael Flynn’s name, there needs to be a full investigation where people can be subpoenaed and a grand jury can be called.

Sean: and russia had nothing toto do with it and thatconspiracy is a lie. true or false? 

Sara: we don’t know everything yet,no Sean. what we do know is as soon as we this onion back, we will get more and more answers.

 Sean: we know there is no evidence of any collision. 

Sara: we definitely know the only evidence out there is that somebody leaked very classified information, and american name regarding a classified transcript. that was the law that was broken