The media is at military level Defcon 4 alert on this Susan Rice Story. As we’ve reported multiple times, first the media (Maggie Haberman and Eli Lake) attempted to sit on the story. Then, Mike Cernovich of Danger and Play published the Susan Rice story forcing the media to respond. They waited approximately 24 hours after that report and came back with synchronized published reports of Susan Rice’s unmasking of Trump officials being “legal.”

Now the broadcast networks are catching up, CNN in particular. Last night, Don Lemon had 7 panelists. Only 1 of those panelists is a Trump defender. Even against insurmountable physical odds, that panelist, Jason Miller, made the panel look silly.

It’s quite funny watching the media attempt to protect the Obama administration. As the days go on and more and more information is revealed as to what really took place, it’s going to get worse and worse and they bury themselves in their defensive foxholes.

Don Lemon actually said that Republicans are trying to “tar and feather” Susan Rice. The reality is that Susan Rice tarred and feathered herself. It’s the media trying to tar and feather Donald Trump and they are failing miserably.

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