The New York Times is catching heat for changing a headline today due to liberal pressure. The paper ran a story about President Trump’s response to whether or not he thinks Susan Rice committed a crime for unmasking Trump officials and potentially leaking those reports to the media. Trump answered in the affirmative. 

The Headline read, “Trump Says Susan Rice May Have Committed a Crime” was later changed to “Trump, Citing No Evidence, Suggests Susan Rice Committed Crime.”

Liberal Washington Post blogger Greg Sargent on Twitter said that the headline was inappropriate.

“Headlines that amplify baseless claims, without telling readers they are baseless, mislead and reward Trump’s lies,” he said.
David Corn of the liberal Mother Jones agreed.

“The news is not the claim but that a [president] made a claim without evidence,” he said.

The Times eventually changed its headline to read, “Trump, Citing No Evidence, Suggests Susan Rice Committed Crime.”
The Washington Examiner has reached out to a New York Times spokeswoman for comment.

Press reports have said Rice requested the identities of Trump associates in intelligence reports be “unmasked” during the transition. Unmasking involves revealing the redacted names of U.S. citizens that are gathered incidentally by intelligence officials who are monitoring foreign agents.

Rice told MSNBC that she never leaked information, and never made a request to unmask anyone for political reasons.

The move suggests that the New York Times, who wants the world to believe they are independent and unbiased arbiters of the news, is extremely sensitive to liberal pressure. Imagine what happens behind the scenes.

One more reason to take any opinion the New York Times and other liberal news publishers offer with a grain of salt.