Liberals are freaking out about President Trump enforcing our immigration laws. The media scours local communities in an attempt to find stories of parents taken while dropping kids off at school or being separated from their families. The rationale is that “everybody has a heart” and if you don’t care about these stories, well, then you are just sub-human.

Democrat legislators are attempting to introduce legislation that would prevent the media from engaging in these sob stories any further. Senator Blumenthal has introduced a bill that would block ICE from enforcing immigration actions in “sensitive locations” such as schools, hospitals, or churches.


Sen. Richard Blumenthal and 10 other Democrats introduced legislation to block immigration enforcement at so-called “sensitive locations.”

“Immigration enforcement actions at schools, courthouses, churches, hospitals and other sensitive locations create a climate of fear that affects the entire community, ” Blumenthal said in a written statement.

Blumenthal’s office listing a variety of news reports including accounts of a father who was taken into custody by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents while dropping his children off at school in Los Angeles, ICE agents waiting outside a church’s homeless shelter in Virginia and a mother taken into custody at a hospital in Texas.

This would actually make ICE’s job easier in my opinion. The less the media can draw attention to the smoother the detainment and deportation actions will move. This is one of those actions that democrats will take that will actually hurt their cause. I say let them have it.