The democrats were successful today in filibustering the nomination of SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch.

Via The New York Times:

WASHINGTON — Senate Democrats on Thursday filibustered the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Neil M. Gorsuch, holding the line with a precedent-busting partisan blockade of a selection for the high court and setting up a showdown over filibusters that could reshape the Senate for years.

The 55-45 Senate vote was five short of the 60 needed to cut off debate on Judge Gorsuch’s nomination and move to a final confirmation vote. The Democrats’ opposition is unlikely to stop Judge Gorsuch, however. Republicans were expected later on Thursday to pursue the so-called nuclear option: changing longstanding rules to bypass the filibuster and lift President Trump’s nominee with a simple majority vote. Judge Gorsuch’s final confirmation is expected on Friday.

Senator McConnell will now start the process for the “nuclear option.” The nuclear option would require a change in the Senate rules that would change the vote requirement from 60 to 51 (majority rule). The Republicans believe they have the numbers to support and “up or down” vote and are apt to take that opportunity.