Heather MacDonald, author of “War on Cops” was scheduled to speak today. She was met on campus to scores of BLM protesters instead.

The Daily Caller reported:

More than 250 protesters shut down a speech by a pro-police author and scholar by chanting “Black Lives Matter,” “f*ck the police,” and “f*ck white supremacy” Thursday.

The protesters forced Manhattan Institute scholar and “The War on Cops” author Heather Mac Donald to end a speech at Claremont McKenna College after 30 minutes, according to The College Fix. Protesters prevented many students at the California college from attending the talk, but Mac Donald streamed it online until its early ending.

“Several protesters were middle-aged, and some were students at other colleges,” Steven Glick, editor of The Claremont Independent, told The College Fix. “The protesters chanted things like, ‘From Oakland to Greece, f*** the police’ and ‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.’ I tried to talk to dozens of protesters about why they objected to Heather Mac Donald, but not a single one could point to an issue they had with her work.”

“The protesters surrounded all the doors to the Atheneum where I was supposed to speak, so none of the students who had signed up to attend my lecture could get in,” Mac Donald told The Fix. “I was hustled from my guest suite by several police officers from Claremont PD into the lecture hall. It was decided that I would give the speech for live streaming to a largely empty hall.

TDW News:

Typical left. If you disagree, don’t debate, shut down instead.