Scenes of the airbase that was targeted last night. You can see the tomahawk missile strike inflicted severe damage to the structure as many buildings are now in ruin. Ruptly is reporting that 9 individuals lost their lives in the strikes as well.

Via Ruptly:

The Shayrat Airbase and the surrounding area recovered from US airstrikes on Friday, after being hit with tomahawk land attack missile fired from the Mediterranean Sea earlier. Buildings close to the strike were affected, with some experiencing considerable damage.

The airbase was the target of a US airstrike ordered by US President Donald Trump’s administration. A total of 59 tomahawk missiles were fired at the base in the Homs governorate, at 4:40 local time (00:40 GMT) on Friday. At least nine people have been killed, according to Syrian authorities.

Trump confirmed that the strikes were ordered in response to Tuesday’s alleged chemical attack in Khan Sheikhoun at a press conference, during which he claimed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was responsible.