Hillary Clinton made a huge statement to The Hollywood Reporter. She will not run for office again. Or at least, she has “no plans to” do so.

Via The Inquisitor:

The aftermath of the election was so devastating,” Clinton admitted. “I had to make up my mind I was going to get out of bed, yes; I was going to take walks in the woods, yes.”

“As a person, I’m OK. As an American, I’m pretty worried,” said Clinton.
I have no plans at all other than trying to find some interesting things to do, trying to support other people to pursue their interests, spend time with my grandchildren, which is a great joy. I’m not making plans to do anything,” she said.

Via Women In The World:

Hillary Clinton is most likely being dishonest. There have been multiple reports that her goal is to rerun in 2020. Even the nomination of DNC Chair Tom Perez, an Obama shill, signals this.

Clinton is biding her time and taking opportunities to draw clear distinctions between herself and Trump as a way to gain leverage in 2020. 

Don’t buy the lies.