President Donald Trump has awoken the neocons. His military action in Syria is leading to all kinds of hawkish statements on broadening the Syrian strategy.

In my opinion, the neocons and neoliberal a are setting a trap for Trump. Knowing he must appear strong on Putin and Syria, they are attempting to draw Trump, and by extension his administration, into a long protracted nation building project in Syria. 

Watch John McCain say we didn’t do enough in the strike:

Followed by he and Graham literally instigating a fight:

And then calling for a broad strategy (ground troops/war):

Just ask yourself if Trump should align with Graham, McCain, Hillary Clinton, and others who have opposed his Presidency since day one.

Trump needs to read the tea leaves. Stay away from broad action in Syria. Do not go in unless it serves American interests directly. 

Nigel Farage puts it best:

These folks singing your praises today are not your allies. They will destroy your base.