UN Ambassador Nikki Haley went on State Of The Union with Jake Tapper today and talked about the decision to strike Syria. Tapper pressed Haley on Trump’s campaign statements of avoiding Syrian conflict and avoiding World War III. Haley’s response was that the President “isn’t going to condone chemical use ever.” She continued with the following significant statement:

“We called out Russia because we needed to. We put Iran on notice because we need to get that influence out of there. And we told Syria ‘we’re not going to watch this anymore.'”

Watch via CNN:

This blogger has mixed feelings on the strike.

It’s clear to me that the Trump administration wanted to make a statement to multiple rogue nations acting out. It’s also clear that the strike was measured and strategic. These are god things as opposed to an over reaction that could lead to conflict.

However, it’s also clear the “neocon hawks” are starting to gain control. There are reports of General Petraeus working with National Security Adviser McMaster and potentially putting 150,000 troops in Syria.

President Trump campaigned on keeping us out of pointless wars. Suddenly it looks like we are on our way into one. There better be a good reason.