There is a war being fought in the National Security Council. Trump loyalists K.T. McFarland and Sebastian Gorka are being pushed out. This comes on the heels of Steve Bannon being ousted. Why? Apparently H.R. McMaster favors a massive ground operation in Syria and the Trump loyalists are against it.

The Syria strike was sold to Americans as a way to make Assad stop the use of chemical weapons. It seems that was not entirely true.

This is further confirmed by Nikki Haley this morning saying that there are multiple priorities in Syria other than regime change. That implies the United States is seeking a massive operation to remove Assad.

Via Jimmy Walker:

Bloomberg is now confirming that K.T. McFarland is out at the NSC further confirming these rumors of war.

This is not a good development. Trump campaigned on anti-interventionism and detente and it seems he is reversing those campaign promises. President Trump, wake up! The neocons and neoliberal are setting you up for a multi year war that will take your focus away from domestic issues.