Tulsi Gabbard is a Democrat Congresswomean from Hawaii. Normally that would mean to ignore anything she has to say, but I must admit, she’s pretty down the middle on a lot of issues and makes a lot of sense.

She’s a military veteran. She understands the cost of going to war. Particularly a war is not in the interest of America or its citizens.

Gabbard believes Trump’s actions this week were unconstitutional and she’s worried about the potential blowback from rogue regimes. Especially when the reason for going in has not been verified. Let’s be honest, know one knows for sure who gassed those women and children in Syria this week. You can say it was Bashar al-Assad, but it doesn’t make sense for him to do that on the cusp of winning the civil war he’s immersed in. 

I want to be as tough as anyone when it comes to dictators and killing innocents, but Trump needs to avoid unecessary war. There’s too much at home he will have to sacrifice if he chooses that direction.