I say it all the time; who needs enemies when you have chicken Republicans all over the place? Marco Rubio proved that statement correct again when he declined to answer a question about Susan Rice’s behavior unmasking Trump officials and its potential criminality. In fact, he went a step further and said he has “not seen” evidence that Susan Rice committed a crime.

The Republicans are so afraid of the media that they will never say anything that they can’t immediately substantiate. If a Democrat was asked this question they would have done and said everything short of convening a Grand Jury.

One of the biggest advantages that the Democrats have over the Republicans is their messaging. They unite, create talking points, and they don’t back down. Republicans on the other hand never have a united message and never defend one another. Paul Ryan or President Trump needs to hire a Public Relations professional for the GOP. They are embarrassing.

Watch via DronetekPolitics: