California is pioneering a new legal experiment. They are trying to become the first “Santcuary State” in the Union. 

Other States, similarly liberal, are following their lead.

 Via The Berkshire Eagle:

With the federal government vastly expanding who is considered a priority for deportation, the California state Senate approved a bill last week that increased protections for immigrants. The measure prohibits local law enforcement agencies from using resources to investigate, detain, report or arrest people for immigration violations.

Supporters say the law — essentially making California the country’s first “sanctuary state” — would prevent immigrants like the woman in Mendota, who faced no criminal charges, from being turned over for deportation. If approved, the law could directly contradict federal directives, putting local law enforcement agencies in the difficult position of deciding whether to obey Sacramento or Washington. Legal battles are considered likely.

While California is moving more decisively and quickly than any other state, bills that restrict cooperation with immigration officials have been introduced in several legislatures throughout the country, including in Illinois, Maryland, Nevada and New York.

The endeavor seems pointless since Federal law trumps State law (no pun intended). Nevertheless, liberal States are doing what they can to ensure that this legislation is pushed through. The Governors and Legislators of these States care more about non-citizens than their residents. While they could be introducing meaningful legislation for their citizens like tax reform or crime bills, they instead waste time defending those that leach on our society.

Good job liberals!