A new update regarding the Vault7 disclosures. Symantec is reporting that the have found malware that is linked to the CIA on 40 different companies worldwide.

Via PCMag:

CIA hacking tools that WikiLeaks exposed as part of its Vault 7 data dump are linked to a rash of trojans and zero-day vulnerabilities that have infected computers since 2011, anti-virus software Symantec claimed this week.

The attacks, which Symantec researchers have lumped together into a single virus that they codenamed “Longhorn,” have targeted at least 40 different organizations in 16 countries in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and Africa. The victims include companies in the financial, telecom, energy, aerospace, IT, education, and natural resources sectors, as well as governments and international NGOs.

Symantec made the link between Longhorn and the WikiLeaks CIA hacking trove using changelog data, which shows that new features were added to the CIA tools at the same time as updates to some of Longhorn’s tools. Other similarities exist, too, including cryptographic practices and the methods that both sets of tools use to cover their tracks on the systems they infect.

“Longhorn has used advanced malware tools and zero-day vulnerabilities to infiltrate a string of targets worldwide,” Symantec said in a blog post. “Taken in combination, the tools, techniques, and procedures employed by Longhorn are distinctive and unique to this group, leaving little doubt about its link to Vault 7.”

So we know that the CIA can manipulate computer code to appear as a foreign hacker. We know that they placed spyware On consumer devices such as TVs, iPhones, and microwaves. And now we’re learning the CIA is hacking private organizations and attempting to make it appear to be everyday malware.

Why should we believe anything our intelligence services say? They are obviously rogue and don’t care about breaking the law or respecting an individual’s privacy.

It’s time that the United States Congress reign in the CIA and intelligence services. They are completely out of control and are a threat to our liberty.