More than 60,000 illegal aliens are filing suit against a Colorado detention center for what they consider “forced labor.”

Via Breitbart:

The detainees sued for money damages and restitution.

The lead plaintiff in the lawsuit, Alejandro Menocal, stayed in the facility for three months while he was facing deportation. He said, “It’s their job to run the facility, and instead they used and abused us to run the facility, and that’s why we’re suing.”

Lawyers for the defendant says no other court has ever recognized trafficking or unjust enrichment claims for cleaning bathrooms, serving meals, doing laundry, and performing other housekeeping duties. They write that in spite of this fact, the district court denied the company’s motion for an immediate appeal on the merits, “thereby shielding the merits from this Court’s review.” They assert, “Such unprecedented claims deserve extra vigilance to ensure that class certification based on them follows ‘rigorous analysis’.”

So not only do they come to the US and break our criminal laws, but then have the nerve to sue? 

I wonder if Americans who illegally cross the border to Mexico are allowed to sue the Mexican government for being treated poorly. Doubt it.