The media has floated Russian conspiracy theories for months about Trump and his team. All of these accusations have been unfounded and without merit. 

To add to the absurdity, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was scheduled to meet with Russian leader Vladimir Putin but was turned away. Press Secretary Sean Spicer took the opportunity to point that out today to the media.

Sean Spicer: I would say that there is a bit of irony that for all of these talks that have been perpetuated about back-channels and direct links that now it’s well they won’t meet with you and does that undermine the relationship that I’ve heard time and time again. I think it’s interesting that we went from all of these direct links to Russia to now are we disappointed that we can’t get a meeting with him. There’s a bit of irony in the question.

Via James Hoft:

H/T The Gateway Pundit