There is a war of ideas at play. An “information war” where the victor intends to control the origin, attitutude, volume, and sentiment of the information that Americans receive. 

The 2016 election season has brought about an ugly reality for the left…  They can’t completely control the media narrative as they could in the pre-Internet days. It’s too easy today to create a website and follow the news to inform fellow citizens. Simply put, people have more options to ingest news than ever before. 

And because of this, the left is attempting to label alternative and conservative media as “fake news.” They think you’re stupid. 

That’s why James Comey is the latest deep state operative to discuss the matter publicly.

“The most important thing to be done is people need to be aware of the possibility that what they’re reading has been shaped by troll farms looking to push a message on Twitter to undermine our confidence” about the electoral process, Comey said.

Couple Comey’s statements with Facebook’s crack down of alternative media via their new “fact checking” service and it’s plain to see the left wants a moratorium on free speech.

Watch Via Tea Partier:

Don’t let the media or the government control you’re right to choose your information sources. It is up to us as adults to do our due diligence and select sources of information we trust. Just because a media company has a well known logo and a long history doesn’t impute trust, morality, or integrity to their product.