Don Lemon and the show’s panel became enraged with Jeffrey Lord after he made a comment comparing President Trump to Martin Luther King Jr.. Lord was comparing Trump’s strategy on race relations with King’s but the conversation really hit a rail when the CNN host accused Lord of spewing “before the war crap.”
Via Hot Off The Press News:

Lemon and his guests are absolutely ridiculous. First of all, who cares if you’re offended? I’m offended by things everyday in life and I don’t feel the need to immediately or publicly seek retribution from others. 

Secondly, and more importantly, Lord is the only panelist brought on to give a “Trump” point of view to your show. Instead of letting him complete and refine his point you decided to play the victim and shout him down. 

This is what is wrong with the left. They are constantly offended. Constantly seeking retrobution for every perceived insult. They make assumptions like white lace don’t have to think about race…  Tell that to a white person walking through a slum by themselves or a white person engaged in athletics or the music industry. The same “privilege” these pundits accuse whites of can be reversed in certain circumstances toward blacks or other ethnicity groups.

It’s time to stop seeing color and To begin noticing souls. We’re all people. We all deserve respect and we should all be able to listen to opposing views regardless of race is broached.